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Full Paper Submission

IRPA15 Congress Proceedings

There will be proceedings of IRPA15 congress, with a designated ISBN, which will be made open-access through the IRPA website. For both poster and oral presentation, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to submit a full paper as an IRPA proceeding, which will be available on the IRPA website soon after the congress.

Please write the congress proceedings in accordance with the template criteria and submit on the IRPA15 website by 15 January 2021. (File format: PDF)

Out of the submitted proceedings, chairs in each session will recommend some of them to be invited for Journal of Radiological Protection (JRP) publication through the peer-review process.

The recommended proceedings will be removed from our system and replaced with their abstract and hyperlink to the JRP special issue page under the author’s consent.

Submission to Journal of Radiological Protection

The Journal of Radiological Protection (JRP) is the official journal of the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP).

Under the agreement of ICPC Chair, the IRPA15 secretariat will send individual letters to recommended authors to request submission of the manuscript (proceeding).

The invitation mail will provide the link and submission guideline of the submission process, and the authors can submit their manuscript by 31 March 2021.

Invitation to the JRP submission DOES NOT guarantee JRP acceptance, and will be followed by a full peer-review process just like any normal paper submitted to JRP.

Submission to Journal of Radiation Protection and Research

The Journal of Radiation Protection and Research (JRPR) is co-published by Australasian Radiation Protection Society, Japan Health Physics Society, and Korean Association for Radiation Protection.

If the manuscript is rejected from JRP, the manuscript could be sent to JRPR with the authors’ consent.

Revision may be necessary before the re-submission to JRPR.

If the recommended proceedings happen to be rejected by both JRP and JRPR, the proceedings can be updated again on the IRPA website, if authors want it.

Full Paper Submission Procedure

Full papers can be submitted through 'My Page'.

Please click the 'Full Paper Upload' button in the Abstract Submission Statistics table.


Full Paper Template