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Special Sessions
No. Title
1 Open Session: Widening Public Empathy (Open to the Public)
2 Panel Discussion on Woman in Radiation (WIR)
3 Developing Practical Radiological Protection Culture in Society: A Challenge for Professionals
4 Joint IAEA-ICRP-ICRU-IRPA Session: Post Accident Dose Monitoring and Decision Making
5 Joint WHO REMPAN-IRPA Session on “Protecting Human Health in case of Radiological and Nuclear Emergencies”
6 Non-ionizing Radiation (NIR)
7 Radioactive Waste Management
8 Fukushima Issues
9 Health Effects of Radiation & Low Dose Epidemiology

Innovation in Radiation Protection

11 Tolerability and Reasonableness
12 Radiation Protection Infrastructure: Challenges in Developing Countries
13 Control of Radioactivity in Food and Commodities
14 Radon Update: Including Implementation of New Dose Coefficients And Underpinning Science
15 Bonn Call for Action Update


* Thematic Sessions


No. Theme
1 Ethics
2 Risk Communication and Public Understanding
3 Future of the RP Profession
4 RP Culture