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Welcome Message From the Host, KARP
  • As president of the Korean Association for Radiation Protection (KARP), I am honored to host IRPA15, which is attended by all experts in radiation-related fields around the world.

    The moment Seoul was selected as a preliminary venue for IRPA15 at the 2012 IRPA13 General Assembly in Glasgow is still vivid in my memory. Since then, the KARP has formed the IRPA15 Organizing Committee, and all members of the KARP are doing their best to ensure the successful holding of IRPA15.

    The KARP was established in 1975 and is currently a leading academic society for radiation in Korea. Since its inauguration, the KARP has devoted effort to researching on radiation protection, measurement and disaster prevention, radiation effect on the human body and social acceptability of radiation for the past 40 years. Through various efforts for internationalization, we have actively engaged in discussions with international communities on the various issues related to radiation protection and safety.

    As we are facing many concurrent challenges and missions in the radiation protection area, I hope this event will help promote cooperation, open discussion, and collaborative researches among experts.

    Making a step further, I would like to inform the public of the scientific evidence of radiation protection and safety audits and its current state. It is our obligation to raise people’s awareness on safety management and supervision.

    Please join the IRPA15 to share your up-to-date knowledge and experience, and to have a great time enjoying the culture of the beautiful city of Seoul, Korea, too.

    I look forward to seeing the world's leading radiologists in Seoul in May 2020.

    Kyo-Youn Kim

    The 23rd President
    Korean Association for Radiation Protection