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Welcome Message from ICPC Chair
  • Dear Friends,

    It is my pleasure to invite you to contribute in an active fashion to the Programme of the IRPA15 conference,which will be held in Seoul in January 2021. I am convinced that the overarching theme of the conference "Bridging RadiationProtection Culture and Science - Widening Public Empathy" will provide many opportunities for the discussion and further development of key scientific issues of the radiological protection system as well as for the interaction between members of the scientific community and the society. I am convinced that IRPA15 will provide excellent opportunities to further develop the radiation protection culture, which is a key element to achieve trust as well as tangible protection results. I am very glad that IRPA is continuing to engage with the young scientist. This initiative does not only pave the way to the next generation but also includes the ideas and views of this age group in the discussions to establish and further develop a radiation protection culture.

    Together with the members of the ICPC, the presidents of the conference and of IRPA we have developed a comprehensive outline of the scientific Programme, which includes 8 Topical and 4 Thematic Areas; the Topical Areas are: "Underpinning Science; Dosimetry and Measurement; System of Protection, Standards and Regulation; Practical Implementation: Medical Sector; Practical Implementation: Industry and Research; Emergency Preparedness and Response; Existing Exposures, Non-ionizing Radiation". For each of these Topical Areas considerations are invited to address thematic aspects of "Ethics; Communication, Public Understanding; Human Capital & Competencyand Culture".

    The process for "Abstract Submission" has been started on June 1, 2019 and I do rely on your active contributionsto the Programme.

    Wolfgang Weiss

    International Congress Programme Committee